You can fully enjoy the university life in a friendly environment


Yulia Tyumeneva

You can fully enjoy the university life in a friendly environment

Course: International Communications with Chinese 

My name is Yulia Tyumeneva, and I am a student of Nottingham University, Ningbo. My major is International Communications with Chinese. I was involved in several journalist projects in Russia and I really wanted to study PR and everything connected with communications. As well as this, I have always wanted to learn Chinese and more about Chinese culture. All this brought me closer to entering the University of Nottingham, Ningbo and to study International Communications. 

Studying at this university not only gives me the opportunity to have a highly qualified education, it is also a great chance to experience all the advantages of living in such a unique and beautiful country. All the studying process is in English, so it is a good combination of traditional British education with the opportunity to learn and practice Chinese. There are a lot of activities available on campus as well, so you can fully enjoy the university life in a friendly environment.

After completing this course, I am planning to apply for a Master's degree either here or in England and find a good job, using all the experience and skills I will have after graduation. 

Top Tip: If you study a foreign language, talk to local people more and improve your fluency. 
Try to do your best and practice!

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Дата публикации: 08-11-2018

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