This college changed all my life!!


Е. Быкова, Самара

This college changed all my life!!

CIC...This college changed all my life!! Seriously..-May be you will ask how parents can let their seventeen years old children go so far? Yes, it's not so easy going first time in your life so far from your home and family. I was so scared!! But my parents made the right choice for me, and I came to CIC!!

It is the best place to study and live. I am so excited because I have so much feelings when I am talking about this college. Here is the best environment to study. I met the best teachers here, who always made our lessons very interesting, supported us and just became our friends. It is great! It was extremely interesting to study. There is always a good atmosphere in class. You feel involved in different activities, much teamwork and many discussions! For me it was very interesting to study herein CIC you can make the best friends in your life! There are so many students, so many different interesting people from different comers of the world and you can say with a firm: "They are my friends!" I have made so many friends here. They became my family forever!! I just have a feeling that we are like a big family, where everybody will always help and support you. It's fantastic! Most of us graduating this year, we are going to different universities, but, actually, That doesn't separate us, because we will be connected to each other even being in various cities and universities.

CIC gave me a great experience in my life! Here there is much independence, you begin to be responsible for your own decisions that is really very important and helps you in the future. CIC has changed me and my life a lot. I have the best memories about it and I will never forget this college!! Now I'm graduating and I just begin to realize that I'm leaving it and...I'm crying!! I don't want to leave it!! ClC is great I advise everybody to come here and I'm sure it will be the best time and experience for you. Thanks God that 1 came here!! I LOVE YOU, CIC!!! 'Thank you, Mr. Chen and Mrs. Anna, that you have created such a great place like Columbia International College!!

Sincerely yours, Ekaterina Bykova

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Дата публикации: 09-11-2018

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