I think that school is the best in the UK

I think that school is the best in the UK

Студентам ЗНАНИЕ-ЦЕНТР, которые летом учили английский язык в различных международных языковых школах, эти три месяца запомнятся как самые увлекательные, насыщенные событиями, знакомствами и впечатлениями.

Анастасия Сараева, студентка Самарской государственной экономической академии, 14 недель повышала свой уровень английского языка в Брайтоне в Школе Embassy CES. Ее рассказ мы публикуем на нашем сайте.

It was my first trip to the UK. I couldn't imagine that some day I'd fall in love with this country. Hopefully it's happened. It sounds funny, but I didn't want to go back to Russia, go back to my routine.

So....Talking about Brighton what can I say? - Amazing!!! Wonderful!!! Fantastic!!! Marvelous!!! I've never thought some day I'd get there. Brighton is a perfect place for living!!! Of course London is the best city for working, shopping and working again!!!

Now, about Embassy! I think that school is the best in the UK! First of all look at the building! So much space! Lots of windows! Like a castle in the sky! Here you can feel free. Teachers... They’re like friends, professors, tutors in one person! In a class you feel that you belong to a big international family!

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Дата публикации: 09-11-2018

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